What to do in case of warranty?


What to do in case of transport damages?


When is a product defective?



These RMA conditions apply to all offers, purchase and sales agreements, as well as to deliveries of all goods and services that are marketed or supplied by Winterholt & Hering GmbH, hereinafter referred to as W&H, unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing. The counterparty to W&H is hereinafter referred to as the “Purchaser/Client”.

W&H’s General Business Terms shall also apply. A copy of these terms will be sent to the purchaser free of charge upon request, or is available at www.whoffice.de. The General Business Terms shall take priority in the event of any discrepancy between the terms in these RMA conditions and the General Business Terms. All other conditions of these RMA conditions shall not be affected by such a deviation.

Liability for normal wear and tear is excluded. The warranty period is 1 year from delivery of the goods (invoice date), except in cases of intent.

These RMA conditions include an RMA regulation on the process for defective products, incorrect orders and wrong deliveries.

Defective Products

In the case of products from different manufacturers, the Purchaser/Client or end user may contact the manufacturer directly to make a claim against the warranty in the event of a defective product. This is the simplest and quickest way to make an exchange/request a refund in most cases.

The Purchaser/Client or end user must report defective products from Oki / Konica-Minolta / Xerox directly to Oki / Konica-Minolta / Xerox. W&H does not accept the return of these items.
Oki Hotline: 0211-5262-555 
Konica-Minolta : 0800-2494-820 
Xerox Hotline Deustchland : 069-9999-15632
( Please always enclose: proof of purchase, configuration page of the printer or copier, consumables with undamaged stickers ).

Rainbowkits, toner bundles, drum bundles can only be claimed with all toners or drums. If one toner / drum is defective, the other two toners / drums must be returned as well. A single submitted toner has to be rejected.

The purchaser is unable to make a claim against the warranty in the event that a) the purchaser has allowed the products to fall into a state of disrepair; b) the purchaser has made changes or had changes made to the products, which also includes repairs that were not carried out by W&H or on its behalf; or c) the purchaser has otherwise acted carelessly.

An RMA number must always be requested using the online RMA form when returning any defective goods. This form can be obtained from W&H’s website.

At least the following details must be given when making an RMA application: item number; invoice number, delivery note number; a clear description of the defect (the details “defective” or “does not work” are not sufficient and will therefore not be processed); serial number of the device; status report of the device (test printout with meter reading of the device before and after removal / installation of the consumables); test printout.

Defective products may only be sent to us after W&H has assigned an RMA number. This must take place within five working days. The RMA form must also be applied to the outside of the transport packaging, so that it is clearly visible.

Please send returns to this address:
Winterholt & Hering GmbH
Albert Einstein Ring 12
25451 Quickborn Deutschland

The purchaser shall bear the costs for the shipment to W&H. Unfranked shipments, consignments without a visible RMA form or COD shipments will not be accepted. The purchaser is liable for any damage or loss during transport to W&H.

After receiving the defective goods, W&H will inspect these against the relevant manufacturer’s guidelines. If it emerges during the inspection that the goods do not match these guidelines, W&H reserves the right to destroy the goods, and no credit note shall be issued. The purchaser shall receive written notification about this.
A returns shipment will be rejected in the following instances:

- the item to be sent back has been completely used
- returned item's warranty has expired
- the returned item has not been used
- the returned item is not an original
- the returned item was supplied with the purchased printer as a setup ink-jet cartridge/toner
- the returned item is not mentioned on the RMA form prepared by W&H
- status report is incomplete

Incorrect order and wrong delivery

The purchaser may only return defective products if the following conditions are taken into account:

In the event of a wrong order/delivery, an RMA application must be submitted within three working days of receipt of the goods using the online RMA form.

The products to be returned must be current and able to be resold. They must be undamaged and be in the original packaging; they must not have been opened and should not have any broken seals. Any goods that have been combined or modified at the purchaser’s request may not be returned under any circumstances (except in the case of a wrong delivery by W&H).

In the case of a failure to meet the listed conditions, W&H reserves the right to destroy the goods, and no change will be made to the invoice. The purchaser shall receive written notification about this.

The RMA form must also be applied clearly visible to the outside of the transport packaging.

Following authorization by W&H based on the above conditions, any products ordered incorrectly must be sent to the following address within five working days:

Winterholt & Hering GmbH
Albert Einstein Ring 12
25451 Quickborn 

Products that have been assigned an RMA number because of a wrong delivery by W&H shall be collected by W&H’s forwarder. Any products sent back to W&H without an RMA number, as COD shipments, or as unfranked consignments will not be accepted.

After receipt, control of the products by the upstream supplier and also his approval, a credit note is issued.

Incorrect orders may be taken back as a goodwill gesture. A minimum of 25% of the costs for restocking the item will be charged in this case. W&H shall determine the percentage for restocking costs, which may vary depending on the item offered and the RMA application.

Transportation damage

A visible transport damage must be registered immediately after receipt of the goods under whoffice@whoffice.de. A hidden transport damage must also be reported immediately after checking the goods under whoffice@whoffice.de.

Required information:
- digital pictures of damage
- note on the driver's waybill and/or CMR with signature and date for a visible damage
- part number and ammount of damaged goods 
- invoice number or delivery note number

Parcel service
The transport damage must be reported immediately after receipt of the goods at whoffice@whoffice.de. Visible damages must be confirmed by the driver. The parcel with the damaged goods remains on site for inspection and may not be destroyed without prior consent of the parcel service.

Required information:
- digital pictures of damage
- tracking number
- part number and ammount of damaged goods
- invoice number or delivery note number

Registration deadline
Transport damages which were notified later than 3 days must be automatically rejected. In the case of incomplete information, the insurance company does reject any regulation.


If your RMA request is granted, W&H will always credit an amount of money for the accepted goods. W&H will never exchange the returned product, so you will not automatically receive a new product. If you wish to receive a new product, you can place a new order for it.