Canon Ink 2106C001 CLI-581BK Black

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This original ink cartridge 2106C001, as well as the Canon ink cartridges in the same range, guarantee consumers durable results and long-lasting document and photo prints


The ink cartridge CLI581BK from the manufacturer CANON is suitable for the following printers or multifunction devices: Pixma TR 7520,Pixma TR 7550,Pixma TR 8500 Series,Pixma TR 8520,Pixma TR 8550,Pixma TR 8600 Series,Pixma TR 8620,Pixma TR 8650,Pixma TS 6100 Series,Pixma TS 6150,Pixma TS 6151,Pixma TS 6200 Series,Pixma TS 6220,Pixma TS 6220 white,Pixma TS 6240,Pixma TS 6241,Pixma TS 6250,Pixma TS 6251,Pixma TS 6300 Series,Pixma TS 6320,Pixma TS 6350,Pixma TS 6350 a,Pixma TS 6350 Series,Pixma TS 6351,Pixma TS 6351 a,Pixma TS 705,Pixma TS 705 A,Pixma TS 8100 Series,Pixma TS 8120,Pixma TS 8150,Pixma TS 8151,Pixma TS 8152,Pixma TS 8200 Series,Pixma TS 8220,Pixma TS 8220 white,Pixma TS 8240,Pixma TS 8241,Pixma TS 8242,Pixma TS 8250,Pixma TS 8251,Pixma TS 8252,Pixma TS 8300 Series,Pixma TS 8350,Pixma TS 8350 a,Pixma TS 8350 Series,Pixma TS 8351,Pixma TS 8351 a,Pixma TS 8352,Pixma TS 8352 a,Pixma TS 9100 Series,Pixma TS 9120 gray,Pixma TS 9150,Pixma TS 9155,Pixma TS 9500 Series,Pixma TS 9520,Pixma TS 9521 C,Pixma TS 9540,Pixma TS 9541 C,Pixma TS 9550,Pixma TS 9551 C.

The EAN code for this Canon brand ink cartridge is: {EAN number}

Scope of delivery for the cartridge CANON 2106C001: one ink cartride.